Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday, September 12, 2019

General Information

Will there be a live event?
If I ordered a live event ticket before the live event was cancelled and no longer want to attend virtually, what do I do?
How can I receive more information on the In-Home ticket option?
What will the teaching be about?

Host Site Registration

Will we be able to host a delayed simulcast?
Do all of my attendees need to register on
Can we make this a free event for everyone in our church?
What does it cost?
When will registration for attendees begin?
Will you share the attendee’s personal information with other ministries?
How will host sites get reimbursed for attendee registration?
How will host sites know the number of registered attendees for their site?
How will international attendees be charged?

General Hosting Information

How many people should I expect to attend?
Do I need any special equipment?
Do I have to be a RightNow Media or RightNow Media @ Work subscriber to host?
Why is there a cost to host the event if our organization is not a RightNow Media subscriber?
Do I have to be a pastor to sign up my church? Do I have to be a business owner to sign up my organization?
Can we host dinner?
Can I do some programming during dinner?
Will there be training for hosting the event?
Will attendees have materials to follow along with at the event? When will we know topics for the evening?
Why did you choose Saturday for the live event instead of Friday?
Will you feature the videos from the event on RightNow Media?
Will you provide any promotional resources for the event?
What if people cannot make it to our location due to shelter-in-place orders, inclement weather, or other circumstances?

Host Site Tech Support

Will we have a trial run before the event to ensure the simulcast runs smoothly?
What if our city has a weather emergency and people cannot make it to our location?
If any buffer time happens during the event, will the simulcast pick up where it left off?
How much bandwidth will it take to stream the conference?
Will we have an opportunity to speak directly with your tech team?